Zem Stormbrow

The discreet Zem Strombrow standing behind a tree.

Zem Stormbrow
is a mercenary wizard known for having helped Mirith finding the whereabouts of Beleth, who had been kidnapped by the Twins.

In 430, while working on a mission to find Aducath, Zem was arrested by the Marali Vanguard, under the accusation of trying to assassinate the Vanguard's own Captain Boric. At the time, the Mirith Vanguard made an attempt to stop the imprisonment, claiming the mercenary's innocence.

Mirith, also interested in hiring Zem again to search for the Royal Sceptre that had been stolen not long before, demanded that Marali would give their prisoner a fair and public trial. To the date, that has not happened.

There is the rumour that Zem was tried privately and found innocent. He would be now infiltrating the Black Hand once again, working for Marali. However, Maralian authorities will deny the theory and affirm that the wizard is still kept incarcerated in the fort.

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