Zapp Cria


Zappho is a joyful happy cleric, who dresses in pure yellow, likes collecting all kinds of Clothing and Jewellery and generally greets everyone with "Aloha!".

She was born in Lerilin, from where as very young cleric she took a risky adventure to Marali with a not well-known player with the name of Criadito. They both might have died, as they were spotted chasing naked through Marali.

In Marali she was taken on as a Foster Child by Charonia and soon met a fighter named Clovis who started taking her out to the Cem and with whom she spent her teenage years.

Being convinced to be in love with him she turned very distraught when one day he disappeared and for many moons dressed in black, believing he was dead. Yet his death was only an excuse made up by Charonia, who couldn't bear seeing her (as she calls her) sister's face, had she told the cleric Clovis had been seen with another woman, Claudia

But like any teenage girl, memories faded quickly, and she just loved Yellow too much to wear Black much longer. Zappho now loves the adrenaline rush of Dragon hunts and spends much of her time joining brave adventurers into death.

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