A Worker Ant at all angles with the general message for a tamed one and a wild one

A Worker Ant is a base level 2 wild creature who exclusively found in the Ant Caves and attacks humans on sight. Worker Ants can be found anywhere in the Ant Cave.

Worker Ants do not attack other beasts in the Ant Caves such as Warrior Ants or Forager Ants. They are guaranteed to carry gold and steaks, but never crystals, in which they are the only ants who dont. Killing Worker Ants is not a perticularly profitable exercise, even though they are weaker than their Forager and Warrior brothers. Usually Worker Ants are used by Rangers with 2 or more Taming to level up or as a handy fighting companion (Note: Worker Ants are a slightly better choice to tame as a ranger compared to the Wolf as they do not turn on you if you confront a Hell Hound. But the big decision is considering the fact that Worker Ants can only level to 4, whereas Wolves can level to 6)

Loot: Gold, Raw Steaks

Spotted: Ant Cave

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