is the skill associated with making wooden weapons and items. It requires a Set of Woodcrafting Tools equipped.

Successes are gained by successfully crafting things with this skill. All Woodcrafting requires Logs; harvest Logs with Lumberjacking or buy some Logs or Boards from another player. Note: You can make a maximum of 20 Arrows at a time, depending on how many Feathers and Shafts you are carrying.

Name Level Resources Sale Price
3 Boards 1 1 Log N/A
Bundle of Kindling 1 Log 2
Fishing Pole 2 2 Boards, 1 Pack of Nails, 1 Ingot 10
Club 3 2 Boards 25
Stave 4 2 Boards 33
20 Shafts 5 1 Board 1/ea
Arrow (20) 1 Shaft, 1 Feather 2
Wooden Shield 5 Board, 1 Ingot, 1 Pack of Nails 33
Short Bow 6 2 Boards 66
Long Bow 7 4 Boards 116
Raft 8 8 Logs, 3 Packs of Nails
Short /Long Bow of Durability 10 Short Bow or Long BowEssence of Durability , 5 Boards
Short /Long Bow of Power 11 Short Bow or Long Bow, Essence of Power , 5 Boards
Short /Long Bow of Speed 12 Short Bow or Long Bow, Essence of Speed, 5 Boards


The Woodcrafting Window

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