A white/gray wolf on the beach. Picture courtesy of Sophina.

A Wolf is a base level 3 benevolent wild creature found in forests. Wolves can be found anywhere in forests.

Wolves do not attack any creature unless provoked. Killing Wolves is not necessarily perticularly profitable exercise and are harder to kill than most benevolent creatures in forests. Usually Wolves are used by Rangers with the maximum of 3 Taming or new Druids. Their smaller cousin, the Dog can be found near wolves or on their own. But Dogs arent as good a choice to lvl 3+ Taming characters as they are weaker than wolves.

PLEASE NOTE: when fighting with a companion wolf of any level by your side, command your wolf to heel at the first sign of a Hell Hound as they turn your wolf against you if the wolf targets the Hell Hound. Once it has defied you it will be constantly targeting you and never able to be tamed again.

Loot: Fur, Raw Steaks

Spotted: Basically everywhere, less likely to be found in Towns and are not found in the Ant Cave


Known to kill sheeps when adjacent to them. Does not apply to tamed wolves or sheeps.

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