Strength in numbers: a typical sight in the northeast Mirith wilderness.

The wilderness is a general location that refers to the areas outside, and in between, cities and other small villages. The wilderness has a wide variety of creatures (most of them hostile), depending greatly on geographic location.

The wilderness also holds several treasures that can be found on the ground, ranging from the run-of-the-mill Eel Poles to the ultra-rare Pure Crystal Rings. Generally, one has a greater chance of finding rare items in the more dangerous and less traveled parts of the wilderness, such as the forests in the remote northern regions of Marali and Duldrus.

The wilderness is an ideal place for hunts because of the high potential for combat, which leads to the leveling of many characters' prime skill. Many players also choose to hunt in the wilderness as a less time-consuming alternative to the larger dungeon hunts.

Much of the wilderness consists of expansive forests. The creatures within these forests vary widely in both type and population density. The forests around Andris, for example, are home to mainly poisonous beasts. The forests around Marali are considered by many players to be the most dangerous of the forests, due to the large amount of high-level creatures. And then the forests in Lerilin are usually home to lower-level creatures.

There are other regions of the wilderness, of course. The beaches and many uncivilized islands in Oberin are usually populated by creatures of the sand variety, or else Gapers and Harpies. The mountains around Duldrus are known to contain Stone Golems and frost creatures.

When hunting in the wilderness, it is almost always advised not to chase injured creatures once they retreat. Doing so usually brings the attention of several other creatures, and can cause chaos. If chasing must be done, then great care must be taken not to let the injured creature move too far away from the hunting party.