The wilderness is a general location that refers to the areas outside, and inbetween, cities and other small villages. The wilderness has a wide variety of creatures, depending greatly on geographic location. The wilderness holds many hostile, and mostly dangerous, beasts but several treasures can also been found on the ground, ranging from Eel Poles to Pure Crystal Rings. Generally, one has a greater chane of finding rare items in the more dangerous, less travelled parts of the wilderness.The wilderness is an ideal place for hunts because of the high potential for combat, which leads to the leveling of many characters' prime skill.

Much of the wilderness consists of expansive forests. Creatures in the forests, as well as the population density of these creatures, varies greatly. The forests around Andris, for example, are home to mainly Poisonous Beasts. The forests around Marali are considered by many players to be the most dangerous of the forests, due to the large amount of high-level creatures.

There are other regions of the wilderness, of course. The beaches and many uncivilized islands in Oberin are usually populated by creatures of the sand variety, or else Gapers and Harpies. The mountains around Duldrus are known to contain Stone Golems and icey creatures.

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