Volund is a Mercenary Sergeant who became known in Oberin in the Fighting Moon of Year 437. He first appeared on Crescent Island, where he announced that he was looking for supplies for the Hauksen Mercenary Company, and that he and his company were honorable men who did not drink and kill for pleasure and loot. Volund attempted to enlist the help of skilled miners, but he couldn't win the trust of the law-abiding citizens. Volund even attempted to advertise for his recrution efforts in the Circle of Friends Guild Hall.

Finally, Volund's allignment was revealed when he was seen amongst the ranks of Ash Hauksen and his Mercenaries at Duldrus, when Ash was attempting to use the Book of the Stars and the Amulet of the Stars to resurrect Willow Hauksen. Volund was killed in the battle between his mercenaries and a large group of adventurers.

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