Volcanic Ash *flas*
Obtained From
Fire Elementals or wilderness
Skill Associated
Magery/Druid, Magery/Wizard, Tinkering
Level Required
Weight Points
Tool Required

You can sell this reagent for 10 gold each in shops, but Wizards will sometimes pay you more for it, to spare them the effort of searching for it in the wilderness. The value of ash is most often the same as poison glands ranging from 20-30gp. Most players sell for 30gp. Volcanic ash used to be able to be bought for 20gp in the Silver Leaf Shop. Wizards value Volcanic Ash because they are used in many of their spells, like Lightning Bolt and Explosion. Those who practice Tinkering need Volcanic Ash to make Traps.

Large quantities of ash (5,000+ in a single transaction) frequently trade for 40-45gp each. By the time a player can afford to purchase such large quantities, she has typically acquired a great deal of resources. The one resource which is always limited is time. So wealthy players will "overpay" when they can meet their long-term needs with a single purchase and avoid spending hours and hours collecting ash themselves. At higher levels, gold becomes much easier to come by, but raw materials remain just as scarce.

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