Vanderbilt sealed inside Andris.

Vanderbilt was a mercenary who became the general of Lancaster’s army around the Year 425, in the midst of the Lancaster Wars. Vanderbilt first became known when he was discovered patrolling Andris by the newly appointed Royal Guard of Mirith, Birek McCalla. Birek went to scout Andris and saw the general feeding human corpses to the animals inside the stable. Birek also warily reported that Vanderbilt was training his soldiers how to invade a village, with more and more troops joining Lancaster’s army all the while.

Vanderbilt trained his men well. The army of marauders infamously plundered Port Gast, massacring all of the inhabitants. However, Vanderbilt himself did not fight in the battles, and for the most part stayed behind.


A colored depiction of Vanderbilt.

Much later in the war, Vanderbilt appeared to assist Tuck and Grindan in a mission of utmost importance to Lancaster. Tuck and Grindan had seemingly betrayed Mirith and joined Lancaster’s ranks. The two were charged with guarding Serene, a young girl with strange abilities. Lancaster desired to use her power to activate the Curio and thus become extremely powerful himself.

Tuck and Grindan had brought Serene to a fort. Clara, another mercenary leader for Lancaster, informed the two that a Mirithian army was coming to take the girl. Vanderbilt joined them and his army of Mercenaries and Lizard Men clashed with the army of Mirithians. Eventually, it became clear that Vanderbilt’s numbers were thinning.

The only other remaining option for Vanderbilt was to escape with Serene. The general stripped off his armor for Tuck to repair, but instead, Tuck and Grindan attacked and killed the unarmored Vanderbilt. Serene was brought safely back to Mirith, and for once Mirith could claim a victory in the war.