The undead in Oberin are deceased beings that were at some point reanimated by unnatural forces. The only known undead creatures are human in origin. The six most commonly encountered types are (in order from weakest to strongest): Skeletons, Skeleton ArcherZombies, Bone Mages, Hell Mages, and Liches.


The undead rise.

The undead are hostile to the living, and will attack on sight. All five types share a weakness to silver weapons. The Turn Undead spell is also an extremely effective means of combating them.

Skeletons, Zombies, and Bone Mages can always be found wandering about the various cemeteries and crypts of Oberin, not to mention many other dungeons besides. One might occasionally run into them in the forests as well, albeit in much lesser numbers. Hell Mages and Liches, on the other hand, do not reside on the surface and are generally much harder to come by.

Reanimation of a dead body is usually undertaken by a necromancer or some other practitioner of Black Magic. There is one notable exception: Liches are not reanimated. Instead, they come into being when a Black Magician becomes overwhelmed by the consumption resulting from overuse of Black Magic.

Bone Lords and Ladies constitute another, rarely seen class of undead. These beings are the creations of the great necromancer, Marthonis, and are usually not hostile.

Contrary to popular belief, the vampires of Oberin are not undead, but instead belong to their own race, separate from humans.

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