Turn Undead is a Cleric spell. It requires Magery/Cleric Level 7, or above. Casting this spell will damage all undead (Skeletons, Zombies, or Bone Mages) on the screen. The spell is most effective on Skeletons. A cleric with Magery/Cleric Level 10 can double click on the spell and, if they have a Wizard Hat on, can kill skeletons in those two spells. If you have Magery/Cleric Level 11 or above, the Wizard Hat is not needed.

The higher your magery, the more effective the spell. Some clerics can camp in the Cemetery and just cast and kill, as long as they like. The other people in the cem are at the high level cleric's mercy, as two field spells can make it so the other classes there cannot get experience.

Turn Undead
Magic Words
* clar bur rel *
Level Required
Level 7 Magery/Cleric
Reagents Required
1 Lotus Flower, 1 Piece of Coal, 1 Garlic
Mana Required
42 MP

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