Various kinds of trees can be found in the Lands of Oberin and only one of them, the Bracken , is known to be hostile. 

The best attempt of cataloguing the Flora of Oberin has been made by the Wizard Fuoco, who published her findings in a Book"Botany - A treaty in the making" .

These are her preliminary findings:


Trees. Courtesies to Fuoco.


Trees. Courtesies to Fuoco.

1. Birch

2. Willow

3. Poplar

4. Unidentified

5. Eucalyptus (?)

6. Maple

7. Maritime Pine (?)

8. Palm

9. Redwood? Sequoia?

10. Unidentified

11. Palmetto

12. Ash (?)

13. Fir? Spruce?

14. Nordic Fir

15. Impossible to identify this blackened leafless tree. It only grows in cemeteries and in the proximity of the undead. The shape of the braches suggests a spreading form, such as that of the oak.

16. Cherry

17. Flowering Oak (?)

18. Cypress

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