As Luskin says (or Nusbalm) at the Lerilin bank (or Andris bank), the Greeters, "you can make money crafting or exploring, but crafting is safer."

Safeness matters, traveling. A Map; in exploring, less-so. Generally, walking and /or rafting with a raft between places is done to move-between locations, rather than simply move. Unlike exploring, traveling sees both a point of origin as-definite as well as a destination.

Some of the benefits of traveling include use of movement-based skills, such as Stealth for Rogues - they also have an uncapped Hiding skill, but it is not a Prime skill - the Prime of Tracking for Rangers which does not require movement to activate, but creates lag /latency for a moment if no creatures are tracked; and Hiding in general, if practiced across all classes. Foraging is done via traveling, if right in one's path - generally within less than half-a Screen - which overall can be more valuable if done-enough than crafting. Of course, finding new items re-spawned requires there being a recent re-set of the Server, which also dangerously respawns creatures, so should be watched-against, if there is a notice given of "10 minutes until the Server goes offline for 3-5 mins.," is the rough meaning. All may seem safe and normal, but get to a safe log point (this usually includes Guards).

Some of the detriments of traveling include monsters, and lag /latency. There are many innocuous creatures, but most aren't, indeed usually quite far from it. In numbers, and /or in strength, they can be deadly, with lag /latency also being referred to as "the lag monster;" as well as a just cause to over-estimate all creatures' strength(s), as in all honesty, sometimes a given player's abilities really suck, despite the best efforts of all concerned. And yes, they will be concerned, soOner or later: "oooOOOoooOOOooo."

There is another way to travel, other than by clicking a mouse and /or keypadding: 50 crystals of any color can be traded-in freely to a Temple Trader at one of three sites: Mirith, Marali, and Andris, for a one-way trip to a given Portal destination. This is done by standing on another Portal of origin, and dropping from the Inventory the Pure crystal of the color of the intended destination. Portals themselves are specific: some use different crystals, other items, and /or only have certain origin(s) /destination(s), all depending on the given Portals. This costs roughly 2-4000 g p, each one-way, trip; depending on whether respectively killing about 10 Forager Ants' worth of a partial variety (so, ultimately, could require about 25 Forager Ants, which would take roughly 5 minutes at-least, plus 5 mins. travel time each way, almost-twice the fastest walking between say Mirith and Lerilin), or buying at twice-the-cost, in the Gem shop. This assumes the Gem shop is selling them, and that one is near-enough to one of the 3 "towns" with such Trader at the Temple facility.

Those who like to travel with Path Movement on and at speed may enjoy a Charm of Swiftness, which seems to add about 5% to one's speed, even accounting for lag /latency.

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