Train"ing, n. – The act of one who trains; the act or process of exercising, disciplining, etc.; education.

Training (definition)

Oberin has a skills system in which one must repeatedly use the skills to improve them. In normal gameplay, one increases skills while on activities like collecting items or fighting foes. The system led to some abuses whereby players found ways to train their skills (obtaining successes) while not doing anything substantial. Some GMs and forumers contracted "training without doing anything substantial" to training (as if legitimate skill increases were not training), thus misusing the lexicon.

These are the types of abuses that led to the "training" label:

  • Letting an easy foe attack you while not fighting it (to train Parrying or Resisting Magic). (Some of you are so weak that a Sheep or Gaper might kill you, in which case this strategy is not feasible anyway [due to dying costing 25 successes above level 4, exactly ea.])
  • Wastefully and repeatedly casting some spell against a foe while not fighting it (to train Magery).
  • Wastefully and repeatedly casting some spell on other players sitting at the bank. (Or at nothing, outside, as no Wizard spells are allowed, there. Due to "town limits.")

The only reason to do something like that is to increase your skill, because you are not fighting, adventuring, or profiting. A GM might summon some nasty to chase you away.

Some claim that to safely shoot or bolt land creatures from a Raft, or Sea Serpents from land, is an abuse, but others claim that it is legitimate, especially with more difficult creatures.

In contrast, the following are just normal activities:

Reference: Oberin Forums: What is Training?

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