Rangers use the Tracking skill to find creatures; the skill displays dots in the Map window. If dots do not appear, then the skill has failed to find any creature. Rangers like to use Tracking frequently, because it allows them to find creatures to hunt (or creatures to avoid) and Tracking is one of their prime skills.

It is very difficult to raise Tracking from level 1 to 2. The problem is that at level 1, Tracking can only detect creatures of level 1, so the player must find some Giant Rats or some Sheep to practice with. Also at level 1, Tracking has a limited range, so the rat or sheep must not be too close to the player's character or too far away. Old forum threads give more detail,

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At level 2, Tracking can detect humans of any level, including all players and NPCs in each town. Humans will appear as a capital letter H on the map when sucessfully tracked. Tracking different colored dots has to do with the monsters' melee damage and not their level. For example, a gaper is level 9 but appears orange, whilst a bracken is level 8 and appears blue.

Color MeaningEdit

White dots: Rats, Turtles, Sheep, Ants, Bats, Dogs

Orange dots: Wolves, Harpies, Scorpions, Skeletons, Pixies, Hell Hounds, Blink Hounds, Trolls, Zombies, Sharks, All Elementals, All Spiders, All 'Beasts', Snakes, Gapers, Bone Mages

Blue dots: All Bears, All Giants, Bracken, Sea Serpents

Red dots: All dragons, All golems, Liches