A Support Cleric is the most common kind of Cleric, filling no purpose in battle exept healing. Rarely venturing outside of a town, they instead fill their time with potion making and crafting skills, as is the norm with a lot of classes. While they do not often kill, they will often have a very large stock of potions, meaning that anyone wishing to purchase them will be better off with a support cleric.

Skills and RoleEdit

While Warrior Clerics may often be seen as bigheaded, and overrated, a support cleric is always desired in a party, and will heal anyone who is injured, but also relying on their protection from monsters because of low wrestling levels.

While support clerics may not get as much loot as Warrior Clerics, they do not have the same death rate. and are more wary of what they can do

Notable MembersEdit

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