A character who never eats food will begin to starve. A starving character cannot increase any skill levels. During starvation, there is no progress to the next skill level. Starvation has no other effect; starving characters can still play the game and use their skills as normal, but their levels never increase.

In the Statistics window, the Hunger status will change from "Very Hungry" to "Starving". A message will alert the player, "You are starving." The message appears in normal white font. The player might lose the "You are starving." message, if he or she was busy crafting or using Anatomy or otherwise generating a pile of messages.

Clarifications Edit

  1. Only the "Starving" status stops the progress to level. Characters in the "Hungry" or "Very Hungry" status can still progress and gain levels as normal.
  2. A player may tell you something like, "You get no successes while starving." This statement is not as bad as you may think. A starving character can still use skills and succeed. Spells do not always fizzle, attacks do not always miss, and crafting does not always fail. The player was mentioning a special unit of measurement called a success, which measures your progress to level. Because starvation stops this progress, your skills provide zero successes during starvation.

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