Ssssglissya in battle.

Ssssglissya was a general of the Lizard Men, along with Ssscglaw, Sshassor, and Sss'shkor, during the Dragon Wars of 433/434. Ssssglissya can use a rough form of healing that doesn't use magic words, as well as other destructive magic.

Ssssglissya first appeared along with Ssscglaw inside the Lizard Fort when the Lizards were initially constructing Rafts, around Day 95 of the Fighting Moon, Year 433. She healed Ssscglaw, who was able to slay Hayate inside the fort. Satisfied with that success, they left and the humans barely escaped from the fort with their lives. She was not directly involved with any fighting until Day 157 of the Fighting Moon, Year 433, during the attempted (and failed) recapture of Welif. Throughout the battle, she killed many with her magic. After the battle, Ssssglissya and Ssscglaw were not seen again until much later in the war (Late Dancing Moon, Year 434).

On Day 220 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434, the Lizards conducted a full-scale assault on Mirith. Following the invasion, Ciddia Tigg called for the liberation of Welif. In the battle at Welif, all four generals were present. After suffering the loss of Welif, Ssssglissya and Ssscglaw managed to flee with their lives, but the other generals weren't so lucky.

Ssssglissya has not been since the Reclaiming of Welif, but she is presumably still alive.

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