Ssscglaw in battle.

Ssscglaw was a general of the Lizard Men, along with Ssssglissya, Sshassor, and Sss'shkor, during the Dragon Wars of 433/434. Ssscglaw is very wary towards Rogues, largely due to his encounters with Shayde. He also has the ability to use Explosive Dust, and has extremely powerful attacks. He could wipe out most younger people in one hit.

Ssscglaw first appeared along with Ssssglissya inside the Lizard Fort when the Lizards were initially constructing Rafts, around Day 95 of the Fighting Moon, Year 433. They successfully slew Hayate inside the Fort, and satisfied with that, they left and the humans escaped with their lives from the Fort. During the simultaneous invasions of Mirith and Welif (Days 121-123 of the Fighting Moon, Year 433), Ssscglaw led the charge to capture Welif. On Day 157 of the Fighting Moon, during the attempted (and failed) recapture of Welif, Ssscglaw was present and attacked the Mirith castle before being driven out. After the battle, Ssscglaw and Ssssglissya were not seen again until much later in the war (Late Dancing Moon, Year 434).

On Day 200 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434, it appeared that the Lizards were attempting to erect walls around their stronghold in Welif. Ssscglaw was present, and he was seen talking to a new lizard general that would be come to be known as Sshassor. Ssscglaw was instructing Sshassor in the dangers of Rogues, while Shayde was busy taunting the generals. Ssscglaw finally managed to corner Shayde, and ended her with a taste of her own Explosive Dust. Under the two generals, Welif was successfully walled in by the lizards.

Ssscglaw dead

A triumphant Ssscglaw.

On Day 207 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434, Ssscglaw devised a plan to trap and kill Hayate. The plan was successfully carried out by Sshassor. On Day 220 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434, the Lizards conducted a full-scale assault on Mirith. Ssscglaw led the attacks on the West Gate, while Sshassor attacked the East Gate, causing division among the humans. This allowed the lizard generals and their troops to overrun the castle, but Ciddia Tigg arrived and chased Ssscglaw out of town, ending the assault.

Directly following this invasion, Ciddia Tigg called for the liberation of Welif. In the battle at Welif, all four generals were present. Ssscglaw's forces attacked the human forces from the rear. Fortunately, the humans had a strong rear guard, and the attack was deflected. Ssscglaw hadn't forgotten his grudge against Shayde, and he found her in the battle and grew distracted trying to deal with her. The humans eventually freed Welif. Ssscglaw and Ssssglissya were able to flee with their lives, but the other generals weren't as lucky.

Ssscglaw has not been seen since the Reclaiming of Welif, but he is presumably still alive.

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