Sss'shkor in battle.

Sss'shkor was a general of the Lizard Men during the Dragon Wars of 433/434, along with Ssscglaw, Ssssglissya, and Sshassor. Although he was only present for one battle, he was extremely dangerous and almost caused the humans to lose that battle. Sss'shkor maintained control of a group of Lizards like a Druid. He could command them to attack any specific person, or whatever he wanted them to do. These lizards were also immune to destructive magic.

Sss'shkor's only appearance was on Day 220 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434. The Lizards attempted to invade Mirith and kill the king, but they were beaten back and Ciddia Tigg called for a counter-attack in Welif. At Welif, all four of the lizard generals were present. During the Reclaiming of Welif by the humans, Sss'shkor tricked the humans with his group of lizards. These lizards appeared to be tame to the humans, and some humans even began to heal them. Using this advantage, they came very close to wiping out the human forces. Luckily, the humans soon learned the difference. Near the end of the battle, after Wizard Lou Bene had done much destruction, Sss'shkor focused his lizards on her and she quickly fell. During the battle, Sss'shkor, along with Sshassor, was killed.

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