Sshassor in battle.

Sshassor was a general of the Lizard Men during the Dragon Wars of 433/434, along with Ssscglaw, Ssssglissya, and Sss'shkor. He was mentored by Ssscglaw during the war, who largely warned Sshassor about human Rogues. He used a bow in combat, dealing an extreme amount of damage. He also was known to teleport his companions. He, like Sss'shkor, did not appear until the very end of the war. His main duty was to watch over Welif while the other generals were elsewhere.

Sshassor first appeared on Day 200 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434. Walls were being constructed around Welif, and Sshassor was seen talking to Ssscglaw about Rogues. A human army had formed to invade Welif, and in the fighting Sshassor was wreaking havoc with his bow, causing many warriors to fall. There Sshassor revealed his plan: he was intending to kill the King. With this announcement, he sealed the openings in the walls with great fires. Under Sshassor, the lizards had successfully walled in Welif.


Sshassor claiming another victim in battle.

On Day 207 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434, Sshassor appeared at the gate of Welif, hearing rumors that Hayate was outside. He challenged Hayate to fight on the conditions that his human friends couldn't help him, otherwise Sshassor would bring forth his troops. The fires were put out, and Hayate stepped inside. But once he was in, a massive hoard of Lizards poured out and killed him. The lizards then continue to fight the humans outside. Ssscglaw then appeared in Welif to speak with Sshassor - the plan to kill Hayate had been Ssscglaw's. Sshassor said it was successful, claiming that he himself brought down Hayate. Ssscglaw left, leaving Sshassor in control of the town.

On Day 220 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434, the Lizards conducted a full-scale assault on Mirith. Sshassor led the assault on the East Gate of the city, while Ssscglaw attacked the West Gate. However, once Ciddia Tigg chased Ssscglaw out of town, Sshassor was forced to flee, ending the assault. Directly following the invasion, Ciddia Tigg called for the liberation of Welif. In the battle at Welif, all four generals were present. During the invasion, Sshassor, along with Sss'shkor, was killed.

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