The ranger's unique skill that will allow him to perform deadly Special Attacks that can turn any battle to his advantage.

Level Name Equipment required Stamina Cost Effect
1 Double Shot Bow low Double damage of a normal arrow.
2 Ranger's Swiftness Bow 30% Doubled shooting speed . This special attack requires you to stand absolutely still, depleting your Stamina with each shot.
4 Escape Move Melee weapon (except dagger) 60% Paralyze foe for a few seconds, allowing you to get to bow's range safely. Will not work on Dragons. Doesn't require a target to activate.
5 Aimed Shot Bow 33%

Roughly same amount of damage as a critical hit. You need to stand still for the whole aiming time.

≥7 Discombobulating Blow Pole weapon ~17 Allows the user to attack out of turn order, with a good chance of inflicting a split second of Disorient.
7 Grappling Shot Bow 70% Tank your target closer with a string attached to your arrow. Will not work on giant creatures.