The fighter's unique skill that will allow him to perform deadly Special Attacks that can turn any battle to his advantage.

All Special/Fighter skills can be activated from a Hidden state without breaking hiding.

Note that although Daggers can be used to level the "Melee" skill (even for fighters), they are not considered "Melee Weapons" for the purposes of the Special/Fighter skill. It is not possible to activate any Special/Fighter skill that requires a melee weapon while holding a dagger.

Rage, Battle Ready, Lesser Defensive Stance and Greater Defensive Stance deplete stamina when the effect is selected. Challenging Strike, Double Strike, Knockback and Booming Blow cost no stamina to select and deplete stamina when their effect is triggered. In all cases, if a Special is selected stamina refill ceases until the effect is completed.

Level Name Equipment required Stamina Cost Effect
1 Challenging Strike Melee weapon low Taunt foe to focus their next attacks on you.

Doesn't require a target to activate.

2 Double Strike Melee weapon  ? Two blows in a very short amount of time. Time between blows is equivalent to a Dagger of Speed. Skill is much more useful with slow weapons than fast ones.

Doesn't require a target to activate.

3 Battle Ready Melee weapon  ? End equipment delay instantly after changing items.
4 Lesser Defensive Stance Shield  ? You brace yourself against incoming attack. A small portion of incoming damage will be taken from your stamina instead. Assuming this stance requires you to stand absolutely still.
5 Knockback Ring of Strength OR Ring of Brute Strength  ? Deadly strike that will push your opponent back, if there is space behind it.

Doesn't require a target to activate. Doesn't require melee weapon. Can be used with wrestling.

6 Rage Ring of Brute Strength huge Enter a blind rage, drastically increasing your damage dealt, but slowly and surely exhausting you over time. Stunned for a few seconds if stamina depletes this way. Non-critical hits with Rage are approximately the strength of normal crits. Crits with Rage are approximately the strength of a Booming Blow crit. Rage can be manually deselected just before stamina expires to avoid exhaustion delay. Rage does not require an equipped weapon.
7 Booming Blow Melee weapon  ? "I have the power!"

Doesn't require a target to activate.

8 Greater Defensive Stance Shield high Better version of Lesser Defensive Stance.