Small Moon Fragments, often abbreviated to SMFs, are small pieces of the moon that have fallen to the surface of Oberin. They are imbued with arcane magical properties, much like the legendary Moon Curio but on a much smaller scale. Adventurers in search of a Small Moon Fragment can try and take to the forests, but the fragments are very rare finds. Alternatively, they can be obtained from the Harbor Master at the northeast gate of Marali, who will give one out in exchange for 20 Privateer Heads. Wizards can then use a Small Moon Fragment to enchant a Ring of Shadow or an Essence of Speed.

Small Moon Fragments are also now used as the portal key to the Voidgate, thanks to the efforts of the organization of enchanters known A.R.D.E.N.T.. In the year 443, A.R.D.E.N.T. constructed this Voidgate just to the north of Foehan, using a massive stockpile of moon fragments as a construction material. Adventurers wishing to use the Voidgate and explore the Void Realm should bring two fragments: one for the journey there, and one for the journey back.