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Hostile Skeleton

A Skeleton is a slow-moving, slower-witted, skeletal warrior. Respectable as an adversary only for their fast regeneration and complete lack of fear. Skeletons will not run from you when their hit points are low unless they are somehow forced to disengage (invisibility, water), and even then, will stand their ground if attacked.  

Skeletons are level 4 creatures and they appear yellow on Tracking.  Using the Anatomy skill on a skeleton will tell you that they are quite strong. As Skeletons sometimes drop Holy Daggers when killed, players like to hunt them in order to complete the Bracken Seed quest. Some Skeletons are known to lock their loot in their rib cages requiring a player to use their Lockpicking skill.

Strategy: Flails are the most effective melee weapons to use against Skeletons. And as with all undead creatures, silver weapons deal more damage to skeletons than ordinary weapons. Arrows, however, hardly damage skeletons. As such, some Rangers choose to lure skeletons to the shoreline and fire their bows in order to quickly train their Archery skill from a safe distance. However, some GMs do not appreciate this, and often spawn nasty creatures on players attempting to level Archery in this way.

Known LootGoldSkullsHoly Daggers. Skeletons are known to loot any rare item that they find. Therefore, rare items can occasionally be found on skeletons wandering throughout the forests.

Spotted: In any cemetery and/or in close proximity of one. They are also seen wandering the forests. In addition, Bone Mages can summon skeletons to their aid; and will do so ad infinitum until either it or its target is dead.

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