Magic Words
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Level Required
Level 8 Magery/Druid
Reagents Required
Ginseng, Garlic, Dragon Tooth, Amber
Mana Required
Successes Earned
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The Shapeshift spell causes the caster to be transformed into one of a variety of creatures for a limited amount of time. It is an improved version of Lesser Shapeshift but not as effective as Greater Shapeshift.The duration of the transformation depends on the caster's Magery/Druid level. The higher the magery level, the longer the transformation. During the transformation, the caster will have the same attack strength as the creature they shapeshift into, although the caster keeps their original Armor Rating. Some druids choose to switch into armor after casting Shapeshift so that they have high Armor Rating as well as attack. However, equipping the armor takes some time. Wild creatures still attack a Druid when they are shifted, and their pet will continue to act normally.

A druid using the Shapeshift spell can become one out of three creatures, depending on their level in Magery/Druid. For example, a Druid with Magery 10 may become either a Rust Beast, Warrior Ant, or Brown Bear. A druid with a different magery level will be able to shapeshift into a different set of three creatures. The following table shows which creatures a druid can become for each level of Magery/Druid:

Magery/Druid Level Available Creatures Duration of Shapeshift
8 Earth Elemental, Giant Scorpion, Harpie ? seconds
9 Earth Elemental, Giant SpiderSludge Beast ? seconds
10 Brown BearRust Beast, Warrior Ant ? seconds
11 ?, ?, ? ? seconds
12 ?, ?, ? ? seconds
13 ?, ?, ? ? seconds