The Shadowed Orb is a magical item of unknown origin. The Orb was first discovered on an island south of the Mirith-Lerilin Bridge in the early Blue Moon of Year 433. A messenger named Sailor Jerry tasked a group of adventurers to find the Orb on this island and deliver it to Andris. There was a large shipwreck on the island with much of the debris scattered across the sands. The mage Fortinbras had set up a temporary campsite on the island, as he too was seeking the Orb. When an adventurer found the Orb first and refused to give it to Fortinbras, Fortinbras became enraged and killed nearly everyone who was present. Fortinbras then claimed he wanted to use the Orb to raise the undead and increase his powers.

Fortinbras was eventually outnumbered by arriving reinforcements and he was forced to flee, so the Orb was safely brought to Andris. There they found the Amazing Arelintha, a lady who was expecting a package. Arelintha claimed to have never heard of Fortinbras, and she wished to gaze into the Orb and see what truths might lie within, and also to add it to her collection. When she was told that Fortinbras claimed the Orb could raise the dead, she seemed surprised and displeased.

The Orb was given to Arelintha, who was asked to say what she saw in the Orb. All she told the group present was that she saw fires, darkness, creatures with many eyes, a man in red and a man in black. Noticing a smudge on the Orb, Arelintha rubbed the spot vigorously, causing a Lich to appear. She continued to rub it, and even shook the Orb, causing a second Lich to join the battle that had already begun. Arelintha then fled the city along with the Orb, and neither were seen for quite some time.

Later, in the Harvest Moon of Year 434, a Wizard named Telchine enlisted the help of some adventurers in seeking out the Dark Ruby, which was in the possession of Fortinbras. Fortinbras, who apparently could sense the Shadowed Orb, led Telchine and the others to Arelintha near the Lerilin cemetery. After much bickering between the three, Arelintha accidentally dropped the Orb, causing another Lich to appear. Taking advantage of the chaos, Arelintha swiped the Orb up and fled the scene. The Orb has not been seen since.

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