The Sea Serpent is the dreaded scourge of Oberin's oceans. Very strong (now level 11, and still just "blue" on Tracking, for Rangers), fast, and packing a nasty bite, it is best avoided by all but the strongest of players. Sea Serpents are found in most of Oberin's waters and attack players, and Pets on sight. Sea Serpents loot the corpses of players they have killed, taking gold, valuables, and magical items (or at least weapons, Armor, Robes of Protection, Protection Rings, and possibly (+X)-rated Rings). It is said that they are attracted to players carrying large amounts of gold.

Sea Serpents are no longer level 8 and are the most dangerous of all Level 11 Creatures. They are capable of attacking from 2-3 squares away and are the only non-Dragon creatures with this ability (other than all-ranged, Magical Creatures. When fleeing a Sea Serpent onto land, it is important to take three steps away from shore to clear the range of its bite (which has the same range in water, or any combinations of steps that add-to, that).

Although Sea Serpents are usually found in the oceans and rivers one has appeared in the Andris moat. Sea Serpents are also found in the Lake surrounding the Hermit's Island

Known Loot: Raw Steaks, lots of gold, all Crystals but Ice, and Purple Egg (50%)

Spotted: Bodies of water, Rivers, and Moats

Sea Serpent

A Sea serpent near the shore

Not to be confused with Phase Serpents: these are identical in all but Black shade, gold-glinting bioluminescent frills, and Level 13 (presumably Still only "blue" on Tracking, for lucky Rangers) GM /RTQ-associated "amphibious" monsters with water, sand (which always borders water), and quite-possibly land, freedom-of movement.

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