A Scimitar is a One-Handed weapon. It has a range of one tile and adds five Weightpoints. Although relatively fast, a non-magical scimitar isn't recommended as a particularly effective weapon.

The Blacksmithing skill (5) can be used to craft Scimitars next to a Forge. One Board and three Ingots are needed. At shops they sell for 83 Gold, whereas Poison Scimitars sell for 166 Gold. From Blacksmithing Level 10 onwards GM Scimitars can be crafted with the same material, that have a longer durability than regular ones.

If at Blacksmithing Level 13 a Scimitars is infused with a Essence of PowerEssence of Speed or Essence of Durability, the weapon can be improved respectively to a Scimitar of Power, Scimitar of Speed or Scimitar of Durability.

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