Running is similar to traveling, in that one is walking and /or using a raft, but similar to the also-mobile exploring in that there is basically no reference to any larger Map.

Often not even the Compass Map. Instead, the goal is first to outrun the slowest, then fastest creatures, then the Magical ones casting, and finally even the flying and /or swimming, ones.

This is the same speed as walking or using a raft. Hence to run is to simply hope that one can dodge the meleeing, and put barriers between oneself and the Magical, swimming, and /or flying creatures.

Of course, a wizard could cast a Field spell, such as Paralyze field, which could assist in this process, if it does not fizzle and lasts long enough. But this will have minimal effect on any Magical creatures and /or high Resisting Magic, creatures. Besides it uses a Dragon Tooth and will be required-again if the runner(s) likely-do encounter other creatures ahead, with less mana, to do such with.

A Charm of Swiftness can help a person with Path Movement on using a mouse, to go about 5% faster.

In a group, it is sometimes appropriate to yell the formal: "Run Away!" less-formal "Out," or "Water," then "no mana," or even "run."

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