A Robe of Protection, or RoP, is a piece of clothing that gives extra Armor Rating.

Robes of Protection gives 30 extra Armor Rating and can be combined with a Leather Belt, Boots and Rings, to increase the Armor Rating to 32.

Like the common Robe, it comes in several colors: Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow.

Master Tailors can use their Tailoring skill (12) to craft Robes of Protection. Merfolk Hair,  a Bottle of Dye in the desired color and 3 Enchanted Cloth is needed.

Robes of Protection are often worn by Mages, as they can't use Magery when wearing Metal Armor. Yet, Plates can be seen wearing Robes during battle, as when fighting a Rust Beast they are easy to change into.