Ring of Lightning Bolt
Skill Required
To Craft
Level 11
Lightning Bolt
Weight Points
Materials Required
110 Etherite , 1 Pure Crystal Ring , 1 Bone Mage Stave , 1 Bracken Root , 10 Elemental Dusts
Shop Buying Price: N/A Shop Selling Price: N/A
The Ring of Lightning Bolt empowers its wearer to cast the famed Lightning Bolt spell otherwise available only to wizards. A Wizard can make one with Enchanting level 11, 110 Etherite, 1 Pure Crystal Ring, 1 Bone Mage Stave, 1 Bracken Root, and 10 Elemental Dusts. It can be sold on the player market for between 20-50k.

The Lightning Bolt spell cast from the ring is approximately equivalent to one cast by a Wizard with Magery/Wizard level 15. The spell cast by the ring does not cost mana points from the caster.

A fully-charged ring (+10) is good for 11 uses. The ring is destroyed subsequent to its 11th use.

This ring can be obtained via one of three ways:

Ring of Lightning Bolt

Ring of Lightning Bolt when equiiped on your character

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