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Ring of Brute Strength +10

Ring of Brute Strength is needed for the Fighter special, Rage. A Wizard can make a Ring of Brute Strength with Enchanting level 8, 80 Etherite, 1 Infused Pure Orange Crystal, 1 Giant Heart, 1 Pure Crystal Ring, and 1 Tusker Tail. A Ring of Brute Strength adds 1 weight point to a players total weight and has a +10 limited amount of uses. They can be sold to other players for around 100K.

Ring of Brute Strength
Skill Required
To Craft
Level 8
Weight Points
Materials Required
80 Etherite, 1 Infused Pure Orange Crystal, 1 Giant Heart, 1 Pure Crystal Ring, and 1 Tusker Tail
Shop Buying Price: N/A Shop Selling Price: N/A

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