Magic Words
*pur shel des*
Level Required
Cleric with level 8 Magery
Reagents Required
1 Ginseng, 1 Mandrake Root, 1 Dragon Tooth
Mana Required
48 MP
Successes Earned
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The Resurrect spell brings a Ghost back to life (from death). This spell is most commonly used while the ghost is standing on their corpse, so that they can immediately pick up all their belongings using the 'Get All' action. When resurrected, the former ghost will have 25 Hit Points, 25 Mana Points. It is important for Clerics to consider this before resurrecting a ghost; the Cleric should ensure that those being resurrected will be able to survive while they re-equip. Also when resurrected, a ghost will be wearing only a Gray Robe and carrying only a Raft (if the character already had a Raft when alive).