Help, you may need? type


. This command of commands-line prompt(s), similar to that of using skills, hurling an /insult (Note: Not the wisest combination if asking /help), albeit in pre-Shakespearean English (yes, English), tries to access an available GM. A gm, or Game Master, is one of the oficios, the major domos, at the very least still-called a Counselor - but also called a GM, then - so watch thy tongue!

No, you don't have to speak ye olde English, just attempt to communicate the issue you are wondering about, if you think they can help resolve it. If not urgent, and you're not new - maybe you can try asking others and /or the Forum, first. If very knowledgeable, you might check the Players Guide or already be - surprise - here!

Sometimes a GM may not be available, sometimes they may be temporarily busy, and sometimes it's best to wait in safety for as long as you care to (if you still can, after activating the message). Often a GM will be attempting to find the person who activated the /help message, wherever they may be, but cannot be relied-upon to get thee, the activator, to safety: so get thee to a log-safely, point, if enough time passes!

You are requesting assistance, and sometimes the answer may even be "I'm not allowed to tell you that," but at least it will be explained why, if the GM who gives such an official non-answer from and /or for the other moderators of the game, has any kind of time.

In fact: frequently (they try to do this every time), they will then ask - this saves time, and is good for relations - if "there is anything else I can help you with?" This is a good time, to think of something else very quickly or just thank them again, even if elaborately.

A new player or a new alternate character in fact has to issue this message most times that they want their name to be checked and /or approved as theirs henceforth. (demo)s need /help

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