All character equipable items with a Durability rating (expressed as +0-10) will wear out over use. A new item begins at [+10] Durability and, with use and time, drops to [+0] Durability. At that time it will either be destroyed or is useless (although it may still be equipable as in the case of robes.) If the item is Destroyed, it cannot be repaired.

Certain items can be repaired:

  • Plate and Chain Mail Armor
  • Non-Magical Weapons.

What cannot be repaired:

  • Leather Armor
  • Any Robe of Protection or Robe of Resistance
  • Any magical item such as rings or charms
  • Any magical weapon (Of Speed, of Durability, of Power.)
  • Poisoned Weapons.

To repair an item:

In all repair cases, the person effecting repairs must have the proper tool (ie a Blacksmith Hammer or Woodworking Tools,) and the skill level high enough to craft that item. (Right now few active players can repair GM Short or Long Bows, which require WC 12 and WC 14 respectively, or full Black Plate including Shield, which requires BS 9-13.)

To have someone repair your wood weapons or metal weapons or Armor, simply pass them the item. They will tap Command-R, click on your item, and repair it. If the item is extensively damaged, it may require several click to bring it back to [+10] condition.) In the case of Chain Mail, Plate, or any metal Armor, you must be at a forge to repair those items.

The person effecting repairs will not get success credit, as nothing was created.

Once destroyed (below [+0]), an item can no longer be repaired. Since in extremely-rare instances, a raft can be destroyed, it is possible to even be stranded and unable to do repairs; see /help. For large hunts, or hunts where one might become stranded, it might be wise if one person brought an extra raft.

Trivia Edit

Rogues used to be able to repair poisoned weapons until aug. 2011