Removing Traps is a Rogue skill that is often called a subprime because of its usefulness. Using the Removing Traps skill, Rogues can negate the effects of non-magical Traps, which are found on nearly all Chests in dungeons.

The skill is increased by removing Traps, be they from dungeons or from RTQs, as well as any other Traps such as the ones that can be created with the Tinkering skill.

If a player should fail to or neglect to remove a Trap, upon attempting to Get from that spot, the Trap will loudly explode, causing that player standing on it to lose a portion of their Hit Points, potentially all if insufficient.

This makes removing a Trap essential, if possible, after Lockpicking, or else oneself or any other creature attempting to loot the contents of the chest will be damaged from the explosion.

An item that has been successfully lockpicked but still contains a Trap should be guarded by the Rogue attempting to remove the trap. He/she should also point out the trap's existence to others in the group, as only Rogues can be sure if a trap is present or not. If the trap cannot be removed, someone with a lot of hit points, such as a Fighter or Ranger can attempt to loot the contents and take the explosion, hopefully surviving.