Remove Curse
Magic Words
*clar pur ber*
Level Required
Level 5 Magery/Cleric
Reagents Required
1 Lotus Flower, 1 Ginseng, 1 Amber
Mana Required
24 MP
Successes Earned
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The Remove Curse spell is the only way to end a curse on a player. This spell can cure both the stinky curse and the annoying "Babble" curse. The usual way to end the curse is to have a Cleric cast this spell on the cursed player. When a cleric is not available, a cursed player can go to the priest at most temples (in a major city or Lerilin) and pay a small fee of 12 gold pieces for the priest to cast this spell. When no other option is available but the curse must be removed, a player wearing a Ring of Remove Curse can use one charge on the ring to cast this spell.