Rage is a special that can be used by Fighters with Special/Fighter Level 6. You must have a Ring of Brute Strength equipped to be able to use this special. Rage initally takes a very large portion of your stamina, and then gradually drains it over time. If you run out of stamina while in Rage, you will become exhausted and be paralyzed for a few seconds. It is possible to avoid this by leaving Rage when there is a sliver of stamina left. When in Rage, the amount of damage you deal drastically increases. Normal hits while in Rage are equivalent to critical hits when not in Rage. Critical hits in Rage deal out as much damage as a Booming Blow critical hit. Rage can be used to kill weaker enemies like Harpies and Elementals super fast, but because of the large stamina drain, sometimes it is better to save your stamina for other specials.

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