Raft graphics used by GMs to form a temporary bridge for an RTQ during the Ice War.

A Raft is an item that allows a character to move on water. Rafts are not equipped; simply having a Raft in one's Inventory will allow one to use it. All rafts are the same and are thus grouped or 'stacked' in the Inventory window. Rafts do not wear out and a character will only ever need just one, but spares can be handy for giving to newly-created characters.

Rafts can be made by anyone with Woodcrafting level 8, 8 Logs, 3 Packs of Nails, and a Set of Woodworking Tools. Rafts can be bought from Ren, a Trader who wanders the forests, for the price of 2,000 gp per raft. Ren also will rarely buy Rafts for 1,000 gp each.

Rafts are often used to flee land-based creatures. When on the water, a character cannot be attacked by most of these creatures. The exceptions are creatures that fly - Gapers, Harpies, and Giant Bats - and Bracken. However, one may be attacked by hostile Water Elementals, Sharks, and Sea Serpents when floating on a Raft.


A brigand ship, comprised of raft graphics, that attacked Duldrus in 437.

If a character that had a Raft dies, then the Raft will stay with that character's Ghost. Characters that have died on islands without Temples can only find one by making use of their Raft.

When dropped, Rafts have the same graphic as they do when being used. In RTQs, Game Masters have used this graphic to build temporary floating structures such as bridges or boats.

Rafts cannot be used by Pets, so characters can only use flying or aquatic pets when fighting in water. Druids can use the Summon Pet spell to transport their Pets over water, however.

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