Pure Blue Cyrstal

Gelito with Pure Blue Crystal

Pure Crystals
are obtained by giving 50 Crystals to the Temple Priests of Andris, Marali, or Mirith. One can drop a Pure Crystal on a Portal to be teleported to a specific location. Wizards can also use Enchanting to make Infused Pure Crystals, but only Infused Pure Orange Crystals and Infused Pure Yellow Crystals have any use. Below shows which Pure Crystals teleport to which location.

There are two known portals inside Dungeons that can be activated with a Pure Crystal but only accept a specific color. At the bottom of Aborek is a portal that only accepts Purple. The entrance to Lava Dungeon is also its only exit, and only accepts Fire.

The first Pure Ice Crystal ever found is currently in the possession of Lord Redman. His possession of the crystal led to him being pursued by the Ice Sorceress for many moons as she tried to recover it. In recent times more such crystals have been reported to have been found, but the Ice Sorceress has not returned.

Color of Pure Crystal Location Teleported To
Green Mirith
Blue Duldrus
Red Andris
Orange Lerilin
Yellow Nowhere, in the past it was used to teleport to Lizard Man Island
Purple Marali
Black PvP Island
Fire Lava Dungeon, must be dropped on the Fire Portal near the Volcano
Ice Nowhere

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