Poison Gland *pos*
Obtained From
Poisonous creatures, or bracken
Skill Associated
Poisoning, Magery/Wizard
Level Required
Weight Points
Tool Required

Some poisonous creatures will drop the Poison Gland, an item that serves as the source of poison (other than Bottles of Poison) in this game. When players talk about a gland, they most likely mean a poison gland, though it may now also refer to Acidic Glands (for enchanting Explosive Dust (Item) or Rust Glands (which have no known use). Rogues like to collect poison glands so that they can use their Poisoning skill to make a Bottle of Poison, and wizards now only use poison glands for the various spells they can use that require them, having previously used them for their now-absent Poisoning skill as well.

How to Obtain Edit

There are no shops that sell glands. The most common way to find poison glands is to hunt and kill certain poisonous Creatures (which are immune to poison), such as Giant Spiders, Giant Snakes, Poison Beasts, and Giant Scorpions. Some creatures that use magic, like brackens, also drop poison glands with their reagents.

The only quick way to obtain many poison glands is to buy them from another player. For example, some players hunt poisonous creatures but never use the glands, instead they keep the glands in the bank. So there may be a player at the bank who will sell his or her glands. The usual price for a single gland is 20 to 30 gold pieces, each. Some players average these numbers, and say that the price of a gland is 25 gp. Others account for their use in Poisoning to make a Bottle of Poison.

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