Poison Elemental.

The Poison Elemental appears as a green tornado which attacks players on sight, and inhabits the forests of Oberin, Aborek, and the Ice Dungeon. The poison elemental is a fearsome opponent, as it poisons and curses its foes as well as having a fairly strong attack. A dead Poison Elemental yields Gold and Bottles of Poison. It is rumored that the Poison Elemental has the strongest poison of any Oberin creature.

As a pet, the poison elemental is a good choice for level 7 taming. A fresh (from the wild) Poison Elemental can take on a Hell Hound with a heal or two, and it has been said that they are good against Gapers. Like other elementals, the Poison Elemental eats Raw Steaks, Steaks, trout, and other meats. They must be fed very frequently while fighting or traveling. The Lerilin cemetery is a good place to train a new one; although skeletons can't be poisoned the PE can kill them with a little healing help, and it will level fairly quickly fighting skeletons.

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