The links to the Players Guide and Oberin Wiki on the official website.

The Players Guide is an official collection of information about Oberin. It is very condensed and outdated. Oberin Wiki, on the other hand, offers an abundance of detail as well as a chance to edit and interact with content that can only be found partially on most other sites. The Oberin forums might also have all of this content, albeit scattered across several years of posts.

The pros of the Players Guide are entire lists of smaller, more obscure, things. In addition, the information on the Guide is all in one place. The cons of it are incompleteness, lack of greater details, and the fact that players cannot contribute to it.

The visibility of the Players Guide is more or less the same as the visibility of Oberin Wiki. Both databases are linked to in the Navigation sidebar on the main Oberin website. The only difference between the two links is that the one to the Players Guide is in boldface, while the one to Oberin Wiki is not.

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