Pervil is a Black Dragon and the daughter of Crausaar. As a young draco, she played in the mountains around Duldrus with her brothers Mexur and Jextil. There they lived under the protection of their father, who was friendly towards humankind. One day during the Growing Moon of Year 426, as Crausaar's life was nearing its end, Crausaar called for Seth to prepare a magically-protected abode for his children. As Seth carried out this task, Crausaar entrusted his children to the care of three human beings. Pervil was housed by the ranger Legsalot.

Pervil remained in Legsalot's care until the following moon, when Seth announced that he was finished. Legsalot brought Pervil to the cave that Seth had prepared, and her siblings were also brought down. Once the dracos, their guardians and Seth were all inside the cave, Seth cast a protective spell and he and the other humans left.

Years passed and the dracos were not seen by mankind for a while. As the dracos grew into dragons, Mexur returned to his home in the forest and Jextil to his home in the warm, fiery depths. However, Pervil could not reach her kin, as they could only be found deep in the underworld, and the way was shut. The only way for Pervil to return to the land of her kin would be to descend a long passageway that could only be opened by a certain key. This key was a crystal statue made in the likeness of Crausaar himself.

For years, the patient Mexur disguised as a human Forest Priest searched the lands for the statue, occasionally asking humans for their help. Finally, in the Growing Moon of Year 435, the statue was found in Nystral's Tower by Cyric. Mexur and Pervil convinced Cyric to relinquish the statue, and with the artifact finally in their posession, the dragon brothers made their way to the rocks south of the cemetery at Mirith.

Pervil, also disguised as a human, was waiting for her brothers at the rocks. She looked on as her two older siblings used the Crystal Dragon Statue's power to open the passageway that had been sealed for many years. The deed done, she left the others behind and descended into the darkness.

Mexur and Pervil then began to reseal the entrance, when all of a sudden they were assailed by Brigands. A Brigand Mage managed to steal the statue from Mexur in his human form, and before anything could be done about it, he vanished. The passageway to the underworld remained open as it does to this day, allowing anyone to come in...or come out. No one has seen Pervil since she began the journey to the land of her kin, but it is hoped that she reached them safely.

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