Oberin is both a free game for the Macintosh (not for Windows or any other computer platform), and the fantasy world in which it takes place. Wield a sword, bow, or other weapon, or take advantage of magic spells and potions. Go on adventures with other Oberin players.

Oberin has its own web page located at It contains the download, Terms of Service, news, forums, almost everything you need to get started with Oberin. If you use a Macintosh, but do not play Oberin yet, go there to download the game, use the Oberin Character Creator to make your first character, then start playing!

Oberin is free (as in no price), and please note when you create a character you start of as a character called (demo); this is no relation to payment, it is simply a name to note to players that you have yet to be activated and your name approved. Please see the Oberin FAQ for further details.

The developers are not currently taking donations (they had to at one time when the server totally died), but the game does require an Internet connection of at least 56K, preferably broadband.

Open Beta Edit

The game currently in Open Beta Version 018. It is Copyright 2005 under Glenn Seemann and David Bourg. The developers note that "the game does have bugs and parts are not complete". You have been warned. Many Oberin users have not had any serious or minor problems with Oberin affecting their computer itself, the only known bugs are in the game and do not affect your computer in any way.

Forums Edit

Though the OberinWiki might be an interesting experiment, it does not have the attention of most of the Oberin community. To discuss the game, visit the official Oberin forums.

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