Nusbalm was a NPC in Andris, who could be found near its bank on the entrance side (always the south side, for banks).

His function and job as a Greeter was to welcome newcomers to the city, and to help them find their way around. Nusbalm had also learnt a great many famous names, and, with prompting, would share his knowledge. He responded to the word 'help' and other keywords, as well.

Nusbalm was spawned from Luskin, who replaced Giovan, former occupant of this role in Lerilin, who was killed by Mormegil. In the Lucky Moon of 439, Nusbalm retired, leaving only one greeter in Oberin - Duvalle of Lerilin.

Nusbalm was also a collector of both Spider Fangs and Pieces of Candy, and would reward players for bringing him said items. He was a man of many quests.

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