Night Vision Potion
Alchemy Skill Alchemy/Druid
Effect Rids of Dark
Level Required 2
Weight Points 2
Mana Required 6 MP
Shop Buying Price 30 gold pieces
Shop Selling Price 60 gold pieces
Reagents Required
Lotus Flower, Mandrake Root, Amber

Night Vision Potion causes night to appear day for the drinker, which makes seeing a lot easier. You can find these in a Potion Shop, or a Druid can make them.

Since many prefer the day to the night, players often store Night Vision Potions in large quantities for future use.

This potion normally lasts all night. However, logging off the Oberin game immediately cancels this potion, so if you log off and then return later that same night, it will appear as night again.

Trading 10 bottles of the Night Vision Potion to Braask Boolin at the Strangled Troll Weapons Shop in Lerilin will earn you 10 experience points and a Dagger of Durability.  

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