Nafets is a learned scholar and the Royal Cleric of Mirith. The story of Nafets is the story of the people he has healed (or attempted to) throughout the years. He keeps a diary with his research and observations on each patient. Some pages of the diary are sometimes shared with the citizens. Especially known are his notes on Darkstar's illness and departure.

Under his care have been people from all corners of Oberin. Among others, he has helped Valencia Falvo, Willow Hauksen, Serene, Cecil, Alastor, and, of course, Mirith's own Zexe. Some of these cases were not successful, but Nafets cannot be blamed for not having tried everything within his reach to change the inevitable outcome.

Sometimes, when there is no one else available, he also acts as liaison between the King and the population, informing them of troublesome reports and sending the people of Mirith in a mission or another.

In the Blue Moon of 438, at the time of the taking of Mirith by Tirana and the Twins, Nafets was saved by the rogue Libe, who pushed him out of the castle before the massacre that killed most of the court.