Mexur is the firstborn son of Crausaar, and an influential leader among the dragon councils. He is the older brother of the dragon leaders Jextil and Pervil. Much like his father, Mexur has become a standard-bearer for the coexistence movement, urging peace between humans and dragons. An enigmatic and dignifed figure,

Mexur in the guise of the Forest Priest.

he is fond of turns of phrase and speaks commonly in cryptic riddles.


In his youth, he lived with Jextil and Pervil in the mountains near Duldrus, under the protection of their father. During the Growing Moon of Year 426, in Crausaar's time of dying, he entrusted three humans to take care of his children while Seth prepared a new home for Mexur and his siblings.

Scythe cared for the young Mexur until Seth finished his job in the following Bleeding Moon. Mexur and his siblings were then relocated to the cave that Seth had prepared for them, and once they were inside, Seth cast his protective spell and bid the dracos farewell. They were not seen for some time.

Quest for the StatueEdit

It was in the Fighting Moon of Year 432 when a Forest Priest appeared in front of a small group of travellers near Welif. The Priest had come because he had heard someone mention Crausaar's name at the island temple. The Priest announced that Crausaar was deceased, and that he was looking for a momento of the dragon, a crystal statue. The Priest did not know where such a statue could be found, but he implored the travellers to seek out the statue before departing.

It wasn't until the Dancing Moon of Year 434 when the Forest Priest was seen again, near the Tree Maze, to ask more adventurers to find the statue. Then, in the Growing Moon of Year 435, the statue was recovered by Cyric inside Nystral's Tower. The Forest Priest came to retrieve the statue of Crausaar, revealing that he was actually Mexur in human form. Mexur was joined by human-form Jextil and Cyric gave them the statue in exchange for a token that would allow Cyric to summon Jextil on one occasion.

Trust those who speak roughly in riddles before those who speak smoothly in certainties.

Mexur and Jextil then left to the rocks south of the Mirith cemetery, where they met their sister Pervil, also in human form. The three were overjoyed at seeing one another. Mexur led Jextil in a ceremony to open the passageway in the rocks with the statue. After an emotional farewell, Pervil descended into the darkness. Right as she did so, a group of Brigands attacked, and a Brigand Mage stole the statue and teleported away, thus preventing Mexur and Jextil from sealing the passageway again.

Dumbfounded, the humans and the two dragons discussed what should be done. As they did so, the ethereal ghost of a man named Morninus emerged from the depths after centuries of being entombed. He faded away into the distance and Mexur and Jextil explored the cave by themselves and came back to report to the humans. They announced that after the first chamber, it would be impossible to return. They warned the humans that they should never enter the newly opened cavern before flying off to restart their long search for the statue. The humans, however, couldn't contain themselves and entered the cavern anyways. Since then, it has become known as Crausaar's Descent, and Mexur vanished for a few years.

Second Ice WarEdit

It was in the Fighting Moon of 439 that Mexur made his first appearance since the opening of the Descent four years earlier. In his old guise of the Forest Priest, he warned a traveler of the growing danger of war with Vandrovic, and spoke of his kin being divided. He further expressed his wish to meet with the two people who had been to see the Knights of Silver, for reasons that were never made clear. Mexur would have been at least somewhat familiar with the Knights, as they were the original creators of the Crystal Dragon Statue.


After the Battle of the Tree Maze.

But Mexur could not be found until the year 441, when war with Vandrovic was already well underway. What had kept him for so long, it is unknown, but the reason for his return was clear: a rebellious faction of forest dragons was turning away from Mexur, having been won over by Vandrovic's incendiary rhetoric. A battle of epic proportions took place between the rebels and those loyal to Mexur.

While Mexur and the loyalists held on to the Tree Maze, they could not stop the rebels from leaving to join the Ice Flight, and there were a great number of casualties on both sides. And to make matters worse: during the battle, Vandrovic's new ally – the vampire Elphina – had found Pervil and stricken her with an ancient curse. Mexur found his sister not far from the battlefield, completely comatose.

All throughout the next moon, Mexur traveled far and wide, seeking the rarest of enchanting ingredients in an attempt to heal Pervil out of the coma. The hope was that a revived Pervil could rally her kin to oppose Vandrovic, and thus turn the tides of war. But owing to an unfamiliarity with the nature of the vampiric magic that created the curse, Mexur could not succeed, and the humans had to turn to the vampire Elisabeth for aid in the fighting. Meanwhile, Mexur brought his sister to Elisabeth's home, and there Pervil remains to this very day, still unconscious.

Mexur has not appeared in public ever since, but he continues in his quest to heal his sister, and in the neverending struggle to pacify a restless generation of dragonkind who has never known anything but war and destruction.